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As President and CEO, J. Spencer Williams applies more than 25 years of experience in starting, building and leading businesses in the financial services industry. Under his leadership, Retirement Clearinghouse has introduced new industry best practices, been recognized for innovation, improved the operations of thousands of retirement plans, and enhanced the retirement prospects of hundreds of thousands of retirement plan participants.
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Auto Portability’s Role in Helping Women Save More for Retirement

Employee Benefit News

If current trends continue, approximately 104 million women will cash out almost $800 billion in retirement savings, in today’s dollars, over the next generation.

This eye-popping statistic, presented at a “Women and Retirement Income” roundtable discussion on May 22 sponsored by the Women’s Institute for a Secure Retirement (WISER), underscores the importance of financial wellness initiatives by plan sponsors to help women participants avoid cash-outs and instead preserve their 401(k) savings in the retirement system.

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Encouraging 401(k) Account Consolidation is the Key to Reducing Lost & Missing Participants

Employee Benefit NewsMuch has been written recently about the preponderance of lost and missing participants. This predicament, one of the many offshoots of the problem of too many small accounts, is an urgent one for sponsors to address given reports that the Department of Labor (DOL) is focusing on their ability to locate missing participants during plan audits.

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DC Plan Sponsor Priorities Should Include Plugging Leakage, Enabling Auto Portability

Employee Benefit NewsAs we continue to make our way through the second quarter of 2018, now is a good time to reflect on defined contribution (DC) plan sponsor priorities for this year.

The top priorities for these plan sponsors in 2018, outlined in December 2017 by Mercer, include:

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No Plan is an Island

Employee Benefit NewsNo man is an island entire of itself; every man

is a piece of the continent, a part of the main;

if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe

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A New Solution to Tackle the Old Problem of Missing Participants

Employee Benefit NewsDespite differences big and small, all retirement plan sponsors and record-keepers experience at least one common problem—the seemingly intractable incidence of participants who have left behind small accounts in the plans sponsored by their former employers and failed to update their address when they subsequently change residence, a.k.a. missing participants.

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The Most Urgent New Year’s Resolutions for Plan Sponsors

Three 2018 ResolutionsHow are you hoping to improve yourself in 2018?

The most common New Year’s resolutions usually have to do with personal appearance, health, or behavior—losing weight, exercising more, dieting, quitting smoking, etc. Popular polls indicate that many of us are after a slimmer, fitter body for ourselves after each New Year’s Day.

Similarly, defined contribution plan sponsors are likely thinking about how they can make their plans more attractive and streamlined in 2018.

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The Best Blueprint for Improving Retirement Security

EBN LogoMuch has been written in this column and elsewhere about the benefits that auto portability, and seamless plan-to-plan portability in general, can provide to millions of retirement-savers across America. As any entrepreneur can testify, it is challenging to initiate a major innovation, and then persevere through all the twists and turns along the road to widespread adoption. Fortunately for everyday Americans saving for retirement, there is already an established blueprint in place for launching a nationwide, private-sector retirement clearinghouse that will enable auto portability.

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How to Contain the Damage from the Small-Account Explosion

Employee Benefit NewsMuch has been written about the proliferation of small accounts in our nation’s retirement system, and the problems that this explosion has created. A primary solution to the small-account quandary that I have frequently advocated in this column is auto portability.

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‘May Day, May Day’: Locate your plan’s lost & missing participants before it’s too late

Employee Benefit NewsThe recent hacking of Equifax, which potentially compromised the security of sensitive information for 143 million Americans, doesn’t just reinforce the importance of cybersecurity. This cyberattack also makes a compelling case for the widespread adoption of auto portability.

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The Exit Bonus Employers Never Intended to Pay

Employee Benefit NewsWithout seamless plan-to-plan portability in place to preserve retirement savings when a participant changes jobs, many employers are unwittingly paying “exit bonuses” to terminated employees that they may never have intended to pay.

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