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Let’s Extend the Spirit of the CARES Act to Automatic Rollover IRAs

CARESactButton2-01America is a fundamentally caring country, as reflected in the collective actions of its individuals, businesses and policymakers. In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, no policy reflects this caring spirit more than the aptly-named CARES Act, which, among other things, temporarily allows retirement savers hard-hit by the COVID-19 crisis to tap their qualified retirement savings while avoiding the punitive, 10% early-withdrawal penalty.

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How Does Auto Portability Work? Watch the Video.

How AP Works Blog ImageLooking for a quick primer on how auto portability works? Watch the video below, which walks you through the four-step process, including:

1. Worker changes jobs
2. Locate new worker's account
3. Match data
4. Savings follow worker

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How Auto Portability Serves Participants’ Best Interests - Part 2: An Enhanced Standard of Participant Care

AP_definition_best_interestsIn this series, I identify five key reasons why an auto portability program serves the best interests of plan participants.

Previously, in Part 1, I examined the dramatically improved participant outcomes that will result from a program of auto portability.

In Part 2, I describe how auto portability, by enhancing and extending automatic rollover programs, represents an enhanced standard of care for participants.

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How Auto Portability Serves Participants’ Best Interests, Part 1: Dramatically Improved Participant Outcomes

AP_definition_best_interestsPlan sponsors considering the adoption of auto portability must determine that, by participating in the auto portability program, they are acting prudently and solely in the interests of their plan’s participants and beneficiaries.

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The Missing Piece in 401(k) Retirement Income: Consolidation

Missing piece in retirement income: consolidation

As Baby Boomers begin to retire in record numbers, they’re shifting their attention from saving for retirement to the process of decumulation, or converting their 401(k) savings into retirement income.

For many Boomers, their current-employer’s 401(k) plan wants to come to the rescue, offering them a dizzying array of retirement income solutions. Unfortunately, as these solutions begin to encounter reality, Boomers are finding that one simple, yet critical element is missing that prevents them from working as intended – the consolidation of their retirement savings.

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