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Saving For Retirement is not a Trivial Pursuit

MarketWatchIn his March 3rd column in MarketWatch, RCH President & CEO Spencer Williams establishes an important link between the board games we played as children (ex. – Candy Land, Trivial Pursuit and Snakes & Ladders) and the “games” we can play in adulthood, while managing our retirement savings.  The children’s games are harmless, fun and instructive, but the adult retirement games (ex. – Cashing Out, Stranding Accounts, and Not Updating Your Address) are anything but.   

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Tales from the Roll-In Front Lines, Part II

 Combat Diver Tales from the roll-in front lines part 2In a previous post, Tales from the Roll-In Front Lines, Part I, we described a roll-in transaction gone awry: a comedy of errors that occurs all too often when service providers are unfamiliar with consolidating retirement savings from one plan into another.

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Leaving Your 401(k) Savings Behind Will Cost You!

MarketWatchLeaving Your Retirement Savings Behind When You Change Jobs Will Cost You!

In his July 30th, 2015 MarketWatch article titled, Leaving Your 401K Behind When Changing Jobs Will Cost You, RCH’s CEO Spencer Williams gives sage advice to America’s mobile workforce, urging job-changing retirement savers to take the initiative and to consolidate their retirement savings.

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DIY Plan-To-Plan Portability Is Harder Than You Think

Employee Benefit NewsHave you ever tried to fix a leaky kitchen faucet yourself? If so, the task probably seemed simple at the outset. However, if you’re not an experienced plumber, you may have inadvertently compounded the small problem of a leak — perhaps by over-tightening a nut, pinching the washer, stripping the threads, or worst of all, splitting the pipe — and unintentionally made the situation worse, as well as expensive to fix.

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5 Retirement Plan Resolutions For 2015

Employee Benefit NewsNew Year’s resolutions aren’t just for dieters and exercisers. The start of a new year is an ideal time for retirement plan sponsor to assess the effectiveness of their plan. Virtually all plan sponsors have areas that are ripe for improvement. Here are five resolutions to make and keep in 2015 to ensure you have a smoothly-running, cost-effective plan than succeeds at preparing employees for retirement.

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