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The Fundamentals of 401(k) Cashout Leakage

The Fundamentals of 401(k) Cashout Leakage videoHow Big is the 401(k) Cashout Leakage Problem? We’ve known for some years now that 401(k) cashout leakage is a very big problem, but have lacked a thorough understanding of its many dimensions. 
This video presentation provides viewers with the latest data characterizing the problem of 401(k) cashout leakage, a major challenge that faces 401(k) participants when they change jobs.

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Announcing the National Retirement Savings Cash Out Clock

National Retierement Savings Cash Out ClockIn 1989, New York real estate developer Seymour Durst wanted to highlight America’s rising national debt, and came up with an idea: the National Debt Clock. Since then, the National Debt Clock has had a physical presence as a billboard near Times Square, serving as a constant reminder to Americans of their government’s ever-growing debt. 

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Why America’s Retirement Savings Needs Recycling

Earth Day Preserve Retirement Stop Cash OutsAs we marked the 47th annual Earth Day on April 22nd, we were once again reminded of the need to protect our environment. This heightened awareness is testament to how far Americans have come in both recognizing and curbing the wasteful, destructive behaviors that emerged in the decades following World War II. Those excesses have given rise to conservation and environmentalism, and were heralded by the first Earth Day in 1970. 

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The African-American Retirement Crisis: How Auto Portability Can Help

The African-American Retirement Crisis: How Auto Portability Can HelpToday, many Americans are hard-pressed to set aside enough savings for a timely or comfortable retirement.   The factors most-often cited as driving the coming “retirement crisis” include longer life expectancies, rising healthcare costs and stagnant incomes. The African-American community faces these same challenges plus other economic headwinds, but with larger hurdles to overcome to secure a comfortable retirement.

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Big Changes Coming for Small 401(k) Accounts

Speed of Retirement GlacierThe pace of change in today’s world is faster than ever -- and accelerating.  Consider the vast change witnessed by today’s centenarians over the course of their lives – moving from the horse-and-buggy to aviation, moon landings, the Internet and smartphones.

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Brexit Reminds Retirement-Savers Why Account Consolidation is Important

MarketWatchIn his most recent article in MarketWatch, RCH’s Spencer Williams cites the recent market trauma experienced in the wake of the United Kingdom’s decision to exit the European Union (“Brexit”) as a good reason for retirement-savers to consolidate their accounts.

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