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Four New Year’s Resolutions for Retirement Savers Summary

MarketWatchIn his 1/20/16 MarketWatch column (Four New Year’s Resolutions for Retirement Savers), Retirement Clearinghouse CEO Spencer Williams offers four New Year’s resolutions that all 2016 job-changers should take to heart, including:

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The checklist you need to manage multiple retirement accounts

MarketWatchIn his December 16th, 2015 article in MarketWatch, RCH’s CEO Spencer Williams offers a year-end checklist for those retirement savers who’ve elected to leave qualified retirement savings accounts behind with their former employers.

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Let a Roll-In Increase Your Retirement Income

MarketWatchIn his 10/2/15 MarketWatch article Let a Roll-in Increase Your Retirement Income, RCH President & CEO J. Spencer Williams advises retirement savers to bring their savings with them, vs. leaving their accounts behind -- or worse, cashing out.

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One Solution to Three Costly Retirement-Saving Mistakes

MarketWatchIn his September 2nd, 2015 MarketWatch article One Solution to Three Costly Retirement-Saving Mistakes, RCH’s CEO Spencer Williams provides insight as to why a majority of Americans are not very confident in their retirement readiness. Three costly mistakes consistently plague retirement savers:  1) leaving 401(k) accounts behind when changing jobs, 2) prematurely cashing out and 3) not informing prior employers’ retirement plan record-keepers about address changes.

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Leaving Your 401(k) Savings Behind Will Cost You!

MarketWatchLeaving Your Retirement Savings Behind When You Change Jobs Will Cost You!

In his July 30th, 2015 MarketWatch article titled, Leaving Your 401K Behind When Changing Jobs Will Cost You, RCH’s CEO Spencer Williams gives sage advice to America’s mobile workforce, urging job-changing retirement savers to take the initiative and to consolidate their retirement savings.

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Pitfalls Associated With Lost & Missing Participants

MarketWatch"Do You Feel Lucky 401(k) Saver? Do You?"

Collaborating with Retirement Clearinghouse, Boston Research Technologies completed groundbreaking research earlier this year on the mobile workforce and the job changer’s attitudes and behavior regarding their 401(k) accounts during job transition. When asked what these participants did with their prior employer 401(k) accounts, the majority of respondents indicated they left their balances behind with 53% of Millennials, the most mobile age cohort, indicating they had left at least one retirement account with their prior employer.

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Alicia Munnell: "Clearinghouse for Small 401(k) Accounts a Good Idea"

MarketWatchIn her 4/8/15 MarketWatch article, Alicia Munnell -- Boston College's Director, Center for Retirement Research -- comes down squarely in favor of a clearinghouse for the nation's 401(k) system, solving the dual problems of forced transfers (less than $5,000) and multiple retirement savings accounts. Ms. Munnell cites the efforts of RCH in developing workable solutions, as well as the progress made by Spencer Williams and Tom Johnson in advancing awareness and influencing public policy.

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