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Mike Goode

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Mike Goode is Retirement Clearinghouse’s Chief Information Officer, and a member of RCH’s Leadership Team. In this role, Mike oversees a staff of IT professionals who build, support and secure RCH’s applications and technology infrastructure. Mike is responsible for ensuring that RCH’s technology meets the highest standards of safety, integrity and reliability.
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The Crucial Role of the CSIRT

Computer Security Incident Response TeamBorn out of crisis, the modern Computer Security Incident Response Team, or CSIRT (pronounced ‘see-sert’) is responsible for coordinating the response to an organization’s computer security incidents. 

With cybersecurity threats everywhere, CSIRTs play an indispensable role in the retirement industry, and in the future, should become a vital component for facilitating industry-wide collaboration in the face of cyberattacks

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Cybersecurity Meets Retirement Security

Cyber SecurityEveryone, it seems, is concerned about cybersecurity these days, and with good reason. Each week seems to bring a new round of headlines, making it clear that identity theft and criminal cyber activity have become persistent features of our lives. 

The victims of cyber-crime can be wide-ranging, including governments, industry sectors, corporations of all sizes and individuals. The sources of cyber threats are equally diverse, originating from rogue nation-states, crime cartels, “lone wolf” hackers and even disgruntled employees.

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Don’t forget about your service provider’s internal security

Online Security With attention-grabbing headlines about major security breaches occurring almost daily, plan sponsors need to be assured that their service providers are on guard 24-7, protecting sensitive information and intellectual property, wherever it may reside.

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SOC Examinations Designed To Provide Comfort

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Gaining Comfort That an External Plan Service Provider Has Adequate Security and Controls 

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