Consolidation Corner

Automatic Cash-Outs Undermine Efforts to Enhance Financial Wellness

Why America’s Retirement Savings Needs Recycling

New EBRI Research Finds $2T Saved From Automated Portability

Financial Wellness Requires Mending Fractured Retirement Savings

The African-American Retirement Crisis: How Auto Portability Can Help

March 30th Washington DC Forum to Showcase Retirement Plan Portability & Public Policy

The Stealth Solution to America’s Retirement Savings Crisis

The Fundamentals of Locating Missing Participants

Auto Portability Helps Everybody, and Hurts Nobody

Big Changes Coming for Small 401(k) Accounts

Incubate Small Retirement Accounts, Don’t Throw Them Away

Uncashed Distribution Checks: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

One Small Improvement for 401(k) Plans, One Giant Leap for Retirement Readiness

Auto Portability Simulation (APS)

How to Remove 'Friction' from the 401(k) System

The ABCs of Auto Portability

LIMRA's Secure Retirement Institute Features Auto Portability Research

This Year, Resolve to Debunk Two Common Retirement-Saving Myths for Participants

Retirement Clearinghouse’s Logo is Changing: Here’s Why

Changing Jobs in 2017? Take Your Retirement Savings With You

How Auto Portability Will Bridge the Minority 401(k) Participation Gap

How auto-portability can improve retirement readiness for a mobile workforce

One 2017 New Year’s Resolution for Plan Sponsors: Encourage Roll-Ins

Miracle on Retirement Street

Preventing retirement plan leakage: An infrastructure project that saves trillions

The ABCs of Uncashed 401(k) Distribution Checks

What is Synthetic Tenure, and Why is it Important?

A Roll-In in Time Saves Far More Than Nine

What Plan Sponsors Can Do to Plug 401(k) Plan Leakage

Ushering in the Next Era of Automatic Enrollment

Why our retirement system is broken

A Different ‘Save’ to Consider During ‘National Save for Retirement Week’

It’s The Final Countdown for 2016 401(k) Plan Terminations

How You Should Observe ‘National Save for Retirement Week’

Five Misconceptions About 401(k) Leakage

The One Solution Everyone in DC Agrees Upon: We Need Consolidation

Why helping employees review 401(k)s isn’t a mission impossible

Celebrating 20 Years of Being WISER!

Consolidation: Make the Smart Decision the Easiest Decision

Making Your Day, Re-Visited: When Retirement Savers’ Luck Runs Out

Why retirement portability should become employers’ next big focus

A Plan Sponsor’s Guide to Supporting Roll-ins

The ABCs of Missing Participants

New Penalties for Lost Participants Take Effect

The ABCs of Roll-Ins

Why Small Balance Cash Outs Are Falling Through the Cracks

Brexit Reminds Retirement-Savers Why Account Consolidation is Important

First Half of 2016: A Look-Back at the Headlines Driving a New “Auto” for 401(k) Plans

Embracing A New Source of Plan Growth

When it Comes to Saving for Retirement, Millennials Can Learn from Baby Boomers’ Mistakes

RCH and EBRI Present Consolidated Testimony on Auto Portability before the ERISA Advisory Council

Calls for Portability Solutions to Curb Cash Out Leakage Growing Louder

Interesting Finding Emerges from the Auto Portability Simulation

Fast & Slow Leakage Produce a Flood of Outflows

Advice college graduates won't hear at commencement: ‘Strive for 25’

Auto Portability Simulation Model Unveiled at 78th EBRI Policy Forum

What you won’t hear in commencement addresses

What the DoL's Fiduciary Rule doesn’t say

Say What? The Arcane Lingo of Retirement Savings Portability

For Earth Day: Consider How "Recycling" Could Apply to Our Retirement System

Five Common Misconceptions About Automatic Rollovers

The Missing Piece in Retirement Income: Consolidation

Roll-In Services are a Slam Dunk for Sponsors & Participants

Account consolidation time-consuming, expensive for employees

The Fiduciary Rule and Participant Transition Management

Why Recycling Is Coming to the American Retirement Industry

Small Balance Cash-Outs: The Easy Choice Isn’t The Right One

Saving For Retirement is not a Trivial Pursuit

Tales from the Roll-In Front Lines, Part II

DC Plan Termination Video Series Part 3: Five Criteria for Selecting a Services Provider

DC Plan Termination Video Series Part 2: Common Mistakes Plan Sponsors Make

DC Plan Termination Video Series Part 1: 1 Project, 5 Phases

Cutting the Gordian Knot: Portability & Small Accounts

Tales from the Roll-In Front Lines, Part I

Four New Year’s Resolutions for Retirement Savers Summary

Washington Recognizes Need for Retirement Plan Portability Solutions

Auto Enrollment: The Unintended Consequences, Part II

The checklist you need to manage multiple retirement accounts

As 401(k) Cash Out Leakage Grows, So Does Need for Auto Portability

Don’t forget about your service provider’s internal security

The unintended consequence of 401(k) auto-enrollment

Boomers: Consolidate Your Retirement Accounts Immediately!

Top 5 Mistakes That Participants Make When Changing Jobs

Force Outs: Recycle v. Landfill

Sponsors: ‘Pay It Forward’ by Embracing Roll-Ins

When Small Accounts Are a Big Problem: What Every Plan Sponsor Should Know

Let a Roll-In Increase Your Retirement Income

A Blueprint for Lifetime Participation in Plans

WISER Fall Forum to Explore Auto Portability As Solution to Reducing Cash Outs and Preserving 401(k) Assets

Deadlines for Year-End Plan Terminations, Mandatory Distributions Fast Approaching

Think Twice Before Consolidating Your 401(k) Accounts on Your Own!

One Solution to Three Costly Retirement-Saving Mistakes

Are You All-In on Roll-In?

Reducing the Burden of Missing Participants

What To Look For In A Roll-In Service Provider

Automatically Moving Mandatory Distributions Forward

What Participants’ Distribution Decisions Are Telling Us

Leaving Your 401(k) Savings Behind Will Cost You!

Consolidation: The Missing Piece of the Retirement Game Plan

Safe Harbor IRAs Aren’t Always Safe

SOC Examinations Designed To Provide Comfort

Pitfalls Associated With Lost & Missing Participants

How to Make Mandatory Distributions More Fiduciary Friendly

Portability and the Mobile Work Force Webcast Recap

Enhance Auto Enrollment with Auto Portability

Reduce Plan Fees by Increasing Account Balances

Alicia Munnell: "Clearinghouse for Small 401(k) Accounts a Good Idea"

Why Dump Mandatory Distributions in a Landfill When You Can Recycle?

DIY Plan-To-Plan Portability Is Harder Than You Think

Add ‘Consolidation’ To The Script For Improving Plan Metrics

5 Retirement Plan Resolutions For 2015

Risky Business

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Consolidation Corner

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